Predictive Analytics

Basic introductory courses

  • Overview

    The overview discusses the training curriculum and to whom it's tailored.

  • Basic Terms

    To be a successful predictive analytics team member, it's important to know some basic terminology.

  • Team Roles

    Common team roles for predictive analytics projects.

  • Project Steps

    Common steps for a successful predictive analytics project.

  • Project Types

    Project types are important for understanding project scope and goals.

  • Data Types

    Gathering, categorizing and sorting the myriad of data owned by organizations is the heart of every successful predictive analytics project.

  • Data Categories

    Categorizing data will help determine how a model is built and the algorithms that comprise that resulting model.

  • What is a model?

    A math model is a mathematical equation with defined variables used to solve some real world problem.

  • Software Used

    Overview of the common types of software used to conduct predictive analytics.

  • Trends and Resources

    Analytics as a service (AAAS) spans a number of services including storage, deployment, and predictive analytics of data, both static and streaming.