eBooks for eLearning

eBooks for eLearning

January 22, 2014

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of evangelizing the use of eBooks for e-Learning courses. I think the modern technologies being used for eBooks are much better at providing easy-to-use online course development tools than what our best off-the-shelf tools were offering only 5-6 years ago. That’s a bold statement. A bold statement for what we as an industry can do today, and a bold statement as to what these tool developers are providing.

My favorite complaint about e-Learning is someone calling poor courses “page turners.” They mean these poor courses have more passive learning than active learning -- too much reading. First, the beauty of reading is in the eye of the beholder. If the content is very important to the learner and delivered at the right time, I can assure you that learner is highly engaged by the reading. Most adult learners don’t care for interactivity that really is not relevant. So in this case, a page turner is good, like a great novel! That means the learner loves the content and is highly engaged. So as an industry, we need to choose our disses carefully.

However, eBooks for eLearning are much more than readings. These books can contain all of the best interactivity we associate with great eLearning: review quizzes, video, audio, click-to-reveal content and highly-graphical interfaces and concept illustrations.

After a year of providing presentations and articles at national conferences, I recently sat down to create an online version of this presentation. I put the content into a tutorial format using Articulate Storyline. The tutorial includes demonstrations of several interactive eBooks from the iBookStore. The interactive capabilities provided by iBooks Author, a free development tool from Apple is discussed.

Click or touch the link below to launch the tutorial. Happy eBook writing!!

eBooks for eLearning tutorial