Rise at DevLearn

Rise at DevLearn

October 27, 2018

I had an amazing time this week presenting "Using Articulate Rise to Create a Responsive Microlearning Curriculum." Big thanks to the folks at the eLearning Guild for putting on another great show and allowing me to be a part of it. I had more than 150 people show up to my session. Thanks to everyone who came!

We talked through basic concepts: responsive design, mobile first, microlearning and more. Then, after a short demo, we put together a practice lesson using a wireframing technique. We emphasized the need to start thinking of eLearning as a web page, rather than a series of PowerPoint-like slides. In that world, vertical wireframing makes more sense than a series of horizontal slides.

Articulate Rise development is so much more efficient because you do not need to make display adjusts based upon a desktop slide model. In Rise, you develop mobile first and rely on the Rise technology to make responsive adjustments to your web page. All the Rise widgets (blocks) have already been styled to work and look beautiful on all devices and display sizes.

Here is one team's wireframe solution to the learning problem: Negotiation 101: Explaining to TSA why there are open snacks in your carry on bag.

I thought all participants did a fantastic job picking up all the terminology I was throwing at them. It was a rapid-fire session, and I could have used an 8-hour workshop to completely cover the territory we took on during the session. Below is a link to the wireframe turned into a Rise lesson as I promised during the session. I'm sure that Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of the LOST cool kids would be proud of the activity solutions. No smoke monsters here. (Inside jokes here for session attendees).

Launch Team Cool Kids' wire frame lesson mock-up converted to Rise.